About me

I’m a french Sound Designer who love to create fresh and original sounds mainly for games but also for other smaller projects like short movies or commercials.

I started working in the audio industry in 2011 in Paris, mainly for designing, recording and mixing sounds for animated series.
But my childhood passion for video games leads me at Ubisoft Montpellier in 2016, where I started as Audio Artist to at first produce sounds for trailers and cinematics on various projects to finally closely collaborate with Ivory Tower audio team as Sound Designer on The Crew 2.

At the same period, I founded Spectravelers with my great friend Arnaud Noble. We’re both of us sound librairies users and we wanted to bring and share our own creative process for other audio professionals.

I’m now currently working at Wild Sheep Studio since 2017 on a game called WiLD.

I’m a curious person who always want to experiment and improve his skills in making audio. I love to push myself into the unknown because I think challenges force us to innovate and be creative.

I love to work with natural and organic textures, that’s why field recording is an important part of my creative process. Even if sometimes I love to chain a lot of plugins togethers, I think that recording performance is more powerful than a heavy plugins processing. I love to explore the world with my microphones and listen carefully to find my future ingredients for my next audio recipe.

But I also love to explore games, movies, shows and books to find inspiration and good references for my work.

If you’re curious about what I do, don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂



I love contributing to the CrowdSources Audio Libraries organized by the Field Recording Slack.
Here are videos I made for three of these libraries.

Here are previews for the SFX soundbanks we created with my friend Arnaud noble. We both did recordings and design.

I love to go outside and try to capture ambiences that are around me. Here are previews of my ambiences soundbanks.